DIY Projects

Follow step by step procedure and make interesting Do It Yourself Projects by yourself. These sources are taken from


DIY Quadcopter

It has been a dream for me to own a quadcopter for a few years now nevertheless, I did not want a very cheap one, which would break really easily, but at the same time I did not want to buy a really expensive one. 

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Space Rover

DIY Space Rover using Raspberry Pi. Step by step procedure how to make it with node mcu and arduino

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Space Robot

This module is fixed with three infrared sensors , which detects the vehicle which comes to hits . then it will automatically apply the brake . so we can reduce the accidents . in real life we can fix proximity sensors for 360 degree sensing . this can be fixed in all vehicles

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Alcohol powered Rocket

Alcohol Bottle Rocket

An alcohol powered bottle rocket is super fun. Its relatively safe compared to black powder fired bottle rockets and is legal to possess in most countries and cities. And unlike is black power cousins, it its almost infinitely reusable and costs a whole lot less to make.

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